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Drinks at Embassy Suites, Waikiki
30 Jun 2023
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Embassy Suites Waikiki

QUIZ: Pass the Piña Colada - Which Pakini Bar Cocktail is Right For You?


School may be out, but we have one last quiz for you! With summer in full swing, we're celebrating the creamy, cold concoctions that say, "welcome to paradise!" with every sip. Answer the questions below to find out which frozen drink matches your poolside personality. Whether you prefer classic flavor combinations or bold mash-up masterpieces, head to our alfresco Pakini Bar where the expert bartenders will blend up a cocktail made for you, including limited-time monthly specials you won't want to miss. Cheers!   


1.    When choosing a spot to lounge on our Grand Lanai, you go for:
       A.    A chaise close to the pool
       B.    A reservable daybed or cabana
       C.    A seat at the Pakini Bar to watch the bartenders in action


2.    Your idea of the perfect pool day is:
       A.    A balance of swimming, sunbathing and reading
       B.    Lounging under a palm tree soaking in the Hawaiian sunshine
       C.    All of the above, but with some splashes and live music 


3.    What does your swim attire look like?
       A.    Classic & solid color
       B.    Floral & tropical
       C.    Trendy & fashionable 


4.    The first Waikiki activity on your to-do list:
       A.    A walk on Waikiki Beach
       B.    A hike up Diamond Head
       C.    Parasailing offshore 


5.     Which describes your vacation attitude?
       A.    Itinerary is planned before you land
       B.    Hawai‘i lover who visits every year
       C.    In search of off-the-beaten path experiences 

Mostly As – Piña Colada
You love all the iconic sights, sounds and tastes of Hawai‘i, including the classic Piña Colada. The combo of creamy coconut and sweet pineapple together is perfection – why fix something that isn't broken, right? Cue the blender! 


Mostly Bs – Lava Flow and Piña Primera 
A fan of Hawai‘i, you want to try everything the island of O‘ahu has to offer. You're up for a little twist on tradition, such as a Lava Flow cocktail (a Piña Colada with an added swirl of strawberry purée as a tribute to the lava which formed the Hawaiian Island chain). You'll also be tempted by the Pakini Bar's exclusive Piña Primera, created by our bartender Lewis Somera. His creation adds chocolate rum to the mix! 


Mostly Cs – Mango Heaven, Red, White, & Boujee, and Notorious P.O.G.
You're always looking for something new, something unique, and you're in luck. Each month this summer, the Pakini Bar features a special, limited-time blended beverage. In July, order up the Mango Heaven, a handcrafted creation by bartender Dennis Yeoman. Think: Island Oasis mango & ice cream, orange juice, Malibu Rum, and peach schnapps with a li hing mui rim. For the Fourth of July holiday, only a patriotic drink will do. Enter the Red, White, & Boujee with Island Oasis strawberry & ice cream, Blue Curacao, and SelvaRey White Rum. August gets fruity with the Notorious P.O.G. cocktail created by bartender Ethan Kimura, featuring Island Oasis guava & passion fruit, orange juice, and SelvaRey White Rum. 


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