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Reservations: 808-921-2345


24 - Oct
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Where:Box Jelly, 307A Kamani St, Honolulu, Hawaii, United States
Learn about the origins of chocolate and how it is made bean-to-bar in Hawai‘i by tasting it in 3 forms: the delicious lychee-tasting fruit juice of cacao, a fresh roasted cacao bean, and a flight of our most popular chocolate flavors.  Finally, make your very own chocolate bar using Hawai‘i grown and made chocolate, choosing from a delicious selection of fruits, nuts and spices to flavor your bar, from toasted coconut to spicy chipotle pepper or Hawaiian sea salt. You will get to try Oahu's award-winning chocolate and see how we make it, in this delicious, informative tour! Ticket sales are cut off a few hours before the event so please make reservations in advance.  If you do need to sign up late (or have any other questions) please email
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