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12 - Sep
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Where:Honolulu, 600 Queen Street, C-2, Honolulu, Hawaii, United States, 96813
If it was easy to improve business and project results, results would always improve. We know in reality, however, that is far from the case. Leaders understand the true power of managing the improvement of critical business results through project teams. That is why they seek to address the most difficult process improvement issues they face through the planning and execution of projects. By extension then, it stands to reason that those involved in those projects, namely project managers and business analysts, should be trained in a process improvement methodology, and there is no better approach to process improvement than Lean Six Sigma. As a discipline with a focus on process improvement which is driven by key measure improvement, the Lean Six Sigma methodology becomes another arrow in your quiver. Though they may seem completely different, you'll no doubt see that the disciplines of project management, business analysis, and Lean Six Sigma are, in fact, complementary. Thousands of companies across the world have discovered the far-reaching benefits of learning and adopting the Lean Six Sigma methodology; through the "Lean Six Sigma for BAs and PMs" workshop, you will explore concepts and tools that provide immediate value when applied at all levels of your organization's projects and operations. Learning Objectives Introduction to Lean and Six Sigma improvement strategy, including the history and culture of continuous improvement Understand the connections and synergies between project management, business analysis, and Lean Six Sigma Develop strategies, tools, methods and discipline needed to improve process, services and quality to your projects, in the name of adding value to your customer
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