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Ocean View from Embassy Suites, Waikiki
03 Jun 2022
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Embassy Suites Waikiki

Sustainable Summer Vacation: Tips for Protecting our Oceans


June is World Oceans Month, and in Waikiki that's a big deal. We are so lucky to be able to relax and play in its sparkling turquoise waters, but that means we also need to do our part to protect this precious resource. As visitors, you too can help in these efforts to ensure that Waikiki remains a spectacular paradise for the next generation. Follow these tips to care for the sea, sand, and surf while on vacation here. 


Tip 1: Use reef-safe sunscreen

Last year the "Sunscreen Law" – legislation that bans sunscreens containing chemicals which are harmful to our coral reefs – went into effect in Hawai‘i. Research has shown that oxybenzone and octinoxate can contribute to coral bleaching, deformation, and death. Luckily there are many reef-safe sunscreen options, including Rancho Organics which is sold at Big Wave Dave Surf & Coffee in the lobby of Embassy Suites Waikiki.  



Marine Wildlife at Waikiki

Photo: Waikiki Aquarium 

Tip 2: Learn about sea life

Visit the Waikiki Aquarium to find out why coral is so essential to the ocean in the Living Reef exhibit and watch coral being grown in the Coral Farm. While you are there, stop by mesmerizing favorites – the jellyfish gallery and the tiny-but-inspiring seahorses. Plus, good news – Embassy Suites Waikiki guests receive complimentary youth entrance per paid adult. 



Tip 3: Go plastic-free

It's important to reduce your plastic use as much as possible to keep microplastics out of the ocean and away from marine life. You can help by packing a reusable stainless steel water bottle and shopping bag in your luggage and opting for paper straws to sip your mai tais from. 



Tip 4: Join a beach clean-up

Looking to explore as many beaches as possible while on vacation? Well, you're in luck! Sustainable Coastlines Hawai‘i hosts large scale beach clean-ups across the islands year-round. Check their schedule and register for one of the immersive experiences that goes beyond just the trash to teach you about the environment. 



Waikiki Beach Walk

Photo: Waikiki Beach Walk 

Tip 5: Buy local 

Souvenirs and food that are locally made and grown burn less fuel in shipping, which in turn is better for our ecosystem. Just steps from Embassy Suites Waikiki, you can browse the Waikiki Beach Walk Open Market on Mondays from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. to find only-in-Hawai‘i treasures, unique snacks and handmade art to remember your trip by.  

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